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WRAPICE was founded in Helsinki, Finland 2011 and this year 2022 we are looking for investors to break the ice with us, globally.

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Grab your woolen gloves and warm up your fingers! it’s time to play your way through tens of levels in these most Arctic games ever...sailing through freezing storms and harsh frosts, save ships and polar bears, passing by dangerous glaciers and sunken wrecks. The Arctic is enormous, and Icebreaker Snow face many unexpected dangers to reach destination and complete important tasks. Icebreaker Snow - on a mission to Save the Arctic! By the end of 2022, the goal is that we have 10 high-quality, educational and adventurous Icebreaker Snow mobile games for iOS and Android platforms. That's Arctic!


ICEBREAKER SNOW "That's Arctic!" 52x11’ animated series in development. Check TRAILER from Vimeo!

Icebreaker Snow and That’s Arctic! animated series is about Icebreaker Snow and his friends who living in the Juniper Point on the Arctic sea. Icebreaker Snow embarks on challenging adventures with his friends with a lot of heart and courage. The aim is to develop 3D animated 52×11 minutes series which goes into icy and arctic conditions where each character has their own colorful personality. Surrounded by Arctic seas, foreign visiting ships and exciting missions offer fascinating stories bring alive.

“The Arctic day and night is always full of adventures and important rescue missions. The goal of our animated series is to entertain children while teaching them wonderful life lessons about the Arctic region, friends, happiness, positive feelings and the need to care for each other. This series will give something new that has not been done before. Animation studio Anima Vitae has done a great work with the trailer and we hope to be able get needed financing for the series,” said Teemu Leppälä, the CEO of WRAPICE.


In winter 2011 I worked as an operator, who drives the icebreaker. I was on board, and had just finished my night watch. The night had been full of missions and tricky situations. Suddenly it hit me: why won’t anyone put these stories in writing? And then: why not me? Icebreakers could tell their stories and wink their blue eyes. I decided to take the pen into my own hand and start telling the icebreakers’ stories. My aim is to continue the book series with many new stories and communicate Icebreaker Snow and other characters’ values of positivity, helpfulness, equality and team spirit to all over the world. Eighth book is already in the making, as well as developing the crossmedia – animation, games, publishing and licensing of the Icebreaker Snow’s world.

Teemu Leppälä

Master of Marine Science, Captain, Author


Licensing is a tool that facilitates a publisher’s expansion by leveraging content on various platforms for content consumption. From the business point of view, content licensing is a publisher’s distribution of its intellectual property to third parties in exchange for money or traffic referrals. Legally speaking, licensing content forces both parties into a contract, which outlines the rights for using specified intellectual property, like images, text, data, software, or audio.

Icebreaker Snow licence owner maintains the ownership of the brand and trademark and the licensee i.e. client buys the rights to produce and sell products using the brand and trademark. Could that be on your toy?



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