The world needs new heroes!


We have been developing Icebreaker Snow character and its arctic world now for more than 10 years. We are creating a globally well-known character who adventures with his friends in games, books, animation and with licensed partners.

Save the Arctic with us!


"In the Arctic, it is best to expect the unexpected!"

Icebreaker Snow is needed to protect beautiful Arctic world. Sailing through freezing storms and harsh frosts, he saves ships and polar bears, passing by glaciers and sunken wrecks. The Arctic is enormous, and Icebreaker Snow faces many unexpected dangers to reach destination and complete important tasks. Icebreaker Snow – on a mission to Save the Arctic!


ICEBREAKER SNOW GAME SERIES. We have now four Snow mobile games released for iOS and Android platforms. 5th and 6th Snow games are in development.


We are developing Icebreaker Snow 52x11’ CGI/3D animated series. In Cartoon Forum 2020 Snow was selected one of the most promising animated series.


Seven volumes of the Icebreaker Snow book Audiobooks are published globally in 10+ platforms. Book series translation rights are currently being sold world wide.


Icebreaker Snow licensing agreements will become a significant source of income in the future. Licensing has been done and there is now more to come. Just let us know your coolest idea!


We have created activity books, playrooms and prototypes of toys for our customers. We make a plan in 2D or 3D according to the customer's needs.


We are creative builders – experts in thinking, creative ideas with big eyes and feeling. We help our clients find their products/logo new identity or refresh it.

Grab your insulated jackets and slip on those waterproof’s time to Save the Arctic!

Drop us a line! We work in Finland, Helsinki with a global network.

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