Icebreaker Snow CGI 3D animated series 52 x 11' (in development)


Pre-school CGI/3D 52 x 11' in development

We are developing Icebreaker Snow animated series. In Cartoon Forum 2020 Icebreaker Snow Adventures selected one of the most promising animated series in Europe.

With breath-taking Arctic scenery and exotic locations, Icebreaker Snow introduces our young audience to a magical land of ice and snow, a world important to us all, and one which we must take better care of.

This is a world of floating icebergs to the depths of the seas, huge glaciers, harsh frozen tundra and freezing seas, where strange creatures live in extreme conditions in a fragile ecosystem that urgently needs our protection.

Watch the trailer HERE!

Adventure Comedy 52 x 11'

Icebreaker Snow series takes place in a unique environment: the Arctic region

Arctic Rescue Academy

Icebreaker Snow is attending the Arctic Rescue Academy, learning the important skills he’ll need as an icebreaker boat through play, laughter and fun and prevent the melting of icebergs and find safe habitats for the inhabitants of the glaciers!

Joining him are his young friends Drone Hiccup, Pilot Boat Twinkle, Hydrocopter Harry and Multipurpose Vessel Happy Dragon, their friendly teacher Icebreaker Storm and wise old headmaster Icebreaker Atlas, who has experienced everything and still has the dents to prove it!

Our young vessels only reflect positive, cheerful and upbeat attitudes to one another. They are the best of friends. When not on a mission, they love to have fun. The vessels encourage one another to be the very best, supporting their friends in all they do.

Lost glacier!

The Blue Siren sounds loudly in Lighthouse Juniper and the day’s mission is flashed onto their holo- screens: clearing a path through pack ice, sailing to the help of stranded vessels, saving trapped animals on shrinking ice flows, helping important scientific research, or preventing the garbage ferry from drifting into icebergs! The young vessels’ progress is followed by Icebreaker Storm in case they run into trouble and need help from the older vessels at Juniper Point!

With Icebreaker Snow leading, and using lessons learnt that day, the courageous young vessels work together to complete their important mission to save the Arctic World! At the end of mission, they return to Juniper Point, proud of their success while having learnt a valuable life lesson along the way!

Leaking lifebelts!

We have trailer, bible, storylines and manuscript ready to create amazin and successful animated series

Our stories reflect core values parents holds dear: love, positivity, respect for others and the environment, friendliness, selflessness, compassion, dependability, kindness, optimism, commitment, courage, perseverance, loyalty. The team’s mission in the Arctic World is to help, restore, save and protect. Icebreaker Snow allows for co-viewing with parents, enabling families to discuss a difficult subject in a safe and healthy environment.

In the past, pre-school children were considered too young to be introduced to adult concerns. Sadly, nature and wildlife, climate change and the effect of humans on our planet are no longer a concern for adults only – we are all in this together. So let’s help children become socially and environmentally aware of the problems we face – through entertainment!

Nature in the Arctic World is both fragile and dangerous. beautiful. It’s not an easy, feel-good white canvas, but a mysterious, fascinating, alluring, ephemeral, picturesque and colourful place. Time and patience are needed to understand it well. Our stories teach the importance of caring for the environment, respecting indigenous life and the right for all creatures to live in pace and safely.

Like nature, technology is dual. To a great extent, it is our choice and usage of technology that took us where we are, and it is our choice and usage of technology that will take us out of the crisis. Green tech rules in our series. Energy sources are sometimes alternative, sometimes traditional but always environmental-conscious: solar, use of thermal gap, volcanoes energy, solar power, buoyancy power, wave power, wind power etc. Ice forms back again quickly on the icebreaker’s tracks.

Some of our characters...

Let's make some waves!

Icebreaker Snow

I’m friendly, helpful and kind- hearted. If any of my friends need me, I’m always there for them. Adventure is in my solar panels! Full of zip and energy, when nothing exciting is happening, I become a little bored – which is the time for me to create another crazy game to play with my friends!

Hiccup speaks a strange digital language...

Drone Hiccup

Why is our little drone buddy called Hiccup? Wait and see! Hiccup has some awesome powers and can do the most amazing things! He can fly high, and take images of dangers ahead, which is very useful in the dangerous waters of the Arctic World!

Follow me!

Pilot Boat Twinkle

Twinkle, Twinkle, little star! And our Twinkle is definitely a star to us! She’s super-sweet and lovely, and very brave. When on a mission, she steers me and Happy Dragon through the drift ice to our destination! When not having fun at the Academy, Twinkle likes to read up about all the geological details and knows where any dangers may lay. But she still has lots to learn, which is why she sometimes gets lost! Not to worry, her friends are there to help her!

Runaway icebergs!

We develop a meaningful series where you can laugh and learn!

Each mission requires patience and trust between friends, knowledge of the seas, understanding of the nature around them, quick-thinking andingenuity.

We are looking for co-producers and financiers for our animated series

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