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Quote from the book Icebreaker Snow and the Magical Treasure (Part 7).

Hiccup dived between the blocks of ice into the cold water, and a whole different world opened up before him. The Snowflake glowed in the dark water like something magical, lighting up its surroundings. The beam from Hiccup’s searchlight reached a long way as he slid toward the bottom of the sea. He radioed to the surface.

“I’m headed toward the keel and the sea bottom. Visibility is good.”

“Headed to the bottom, visibility good,” Snow repeated. “I can see scraps of steel on the bottom,” Hiccup radioed.

“Scraps of steel?” said Snow in amazement. “What could it be? A shipwreck?”

“The Snowflake’s keel is tangled in the scrap. I will dive closer to see better what it is,” Hiccup said in his robot voice, diving closer to the odd-shaped pile of steel

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⚓️ Sailing through freezing storms and harsh frosts...

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🎬 Icebreaker Snow and the Mission on the Gulf of Finland (Part I)
🎬 Icebreaker Snow and the mystery at Hailuoto (Part II)
🎬 Icebreaker Snow and the Lost City (Part III)
🎬 Icebreaker Snow and the White Elephant (Part IV)

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The eighth volume is already on the writing table

Icebreaker Snow book series
Volume I - VII

Arctic Adventures

“The Arctic day and night is always full of adventures and important rescue missions. The goal of book series is to entertain children while teaching them wonderful life lessons about the Arctic region, friends, happiness, positive feelings and the need to care for each other. Icebreaker Snow book series will give something new that has not been done before,” said Teemu Leppälä, the CEO of WRAPICE.

The book series has charming, colorful characters with brave hearts and delightful personalities. A huge variety of imaginative stories: Thrilling rescue missions! Sunken shipwrecks! Mystery lights in the sky! Runaway icebergs! Woolly mammoths!

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Finding strength in teamwork. Helping a friend who has lost their confidence. Not rushing into things. Never judging others by appearance. Understanding that it is fine to be sad, or afraid, or to lose your temper occasionally. These actions, feelings and emotions are within us all. It is what makes us who we are. And this is what our little characters will discover through exciting Icebreaker Snow book series!

Each mission requires patience and trust between the friends, knowledge of the seas, understanding of the nature around them, quick-thinking and ingenuity! Icebreaker Snow encourages his friends on to perform their duties with happy hearts and bright smiles on their faces!

Icebreaker Snow and the mission on the Gulf of Finland (Part 1)

Icebreaker Snow is at his home port waiting anxiously to be called to break the ice for stranded ships. Suddenly a message arrives. A ship needs help immediately. Whose turn is it to accept the challenge and set off on a mission on the Gulf of Finland?

Icebreaker Snow and the mystery at Hailuoto (Part 2)

Winter has come to the Gulf of Bothnia. The ice has formed a thick cover on the sea, which means lots of missions for the icebreakers that help ships to and from the port. Everything seems fine, a normal day at sea, until Lighthouse Marjaniemi stares in amazement at a gigantic, dark shape in the water in the Hailuoto channel…

Icebreaker Snow and the Lost City (Part 3)

Icebreaker Snow’s good friend Twinkle the pilot boat is posted to Utö Island in the Archipelago Sea. Soon Twinkle is hard at work plying the iced-over waters of early spring. Returning from the pilot boat meeting point instruments to stop working. She is out of contact with the rest of the world and finds herself in a place whose existence is known only in legends…

Icebreaker Snow and the White Elephant (Part 4)

Icebreaker Snow and his friends have been sent to the eastern Gulf of Finland on a special mission called Operation Plankton. The job is going splendidly, until Aurora Star notices a strange echo image from the sea floor and sends Diver Rovi to investigate. Rovi finds something remarkable below the sea…

Icebreaker Snow and the Christmas Eve Mission (Part 5)

Hydrocopter Harry looks up at the sky and sees a parachute driqing down, and someone is hanging from it. Santa Claus has fallen out of his sleigh, and his team of reindeer doesn’t even notice. Can Icebreaker Snow and his friends get a message to the reindeer in time for Christmas Eve and Santa be able to deliver his gifs around the world?

Icebreaker Snow and the journey to the North Pole (Part 6)

Diver Rovi is hard at work with the elite welding team when something unexpected happens. Rovi’s welding torch goes out. Rovi heads toward the surface to investigate. Suddenly a powerful current carries him away. Athena 8, the support station on the surface, notices that Rovi is missing from the job site…

Icebreaker Snow and the magical treasure (Part 7)

Icebreaker Snow and his friends have a mission to tow the Snowflake, an enormous, ground-breaking invention, to the southern Arctic Sea. Moving the Snowflake will take all the group’s strength. But the journey comes to a halt before it can begin, and they don’t know what’s wrong. The icebreaker team decides to invite two special purpose vessels to investigate the matter…

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Whose turn is it to accept the challenge and set off on a arctic mission?

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